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Volume XIII No. 71
April - June, 2016

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PT Mitra Packindo Berdikari
Announcing The First Flexitank Manufacturing Factory In Indonesia
Mak & Williams Flexitank Supply Limited (M&W), a Hong Kong registered company has agreed to partner with PT Mitra Packindo Berdikari of Djakarta to design and launch the first purpose built manufacturing company in Indonesia dedicated to the production and distribution of M&W brand single trip disposable flexitanks.
Tenaka Budiman
Food Supply Chains in the Restaurant Industry Require Innovation and Sustainability
It is important for the food industry to be innovative in regards to both demand management and the sustainability of food sources in order to successfully compete. The food supply chain itself has two purposes, namely: (1) to satisfy the consumer even as their requirements change, and (2) to efficiently fulfill all the needs of the consumer while achieving economic sustainability
Rotan123 Uses Both Real and Synthetic Rattan from Indonesia to Make High Quality Furniture
Delivering low quality products wll only lead to low expectations on the part of the customer and they will be disappointed. Maintaining a good reputation is very important for the existence of this business.
Market Review
Bilateral Economic Relations Belgium & Indonesia: 5th Economic Mission
A Belgian mission - led by Princess Astrid, accompanied by four ministers and 301 participants (including 127 company representatives) - visits Indonesia in an effort to strengthen bilateral economic cooperation between both nations and boost foreign direct investment from Belgium into Indonesia. According to the Belgian Embassy, the ongoing mission in Indonesia is the fifth - and largest ever - economic mission conducted by Belgium in Southeast Asia’s largest economy.
Market Review
Frost & Sullivan
Indonesia Transportation and Logistic Industry Continued Economic Growth Momentum Supports Transport Infrastructure Investment and Development
Gopal R, Global Vice President, Transportation & Logistic Practice Frost & Sullivan said that the growth driver of logistic industry such as resilient private consumption, improved maritime trade connectivity, increase in transportation & logistic infrastructure investment ,and increase in e-commerce trade.
Indonesia Logistician Association (ALI)
ALI Addresses the Most Pressing Challenges and Opportunities in Indonesia’s Logistics Service Market
The Indonesia Logistician Association (ALI) recently held a briefing at the Fairmont Hotel, in Jakarta, on March 2, 2016. Mr. Ir. Mahendra Rianto, the Vice Chairman of ALI, together with Mr. R. Gopal, the Global Vice President of Frost & Sullivan’s Transportation & Logistics division, led the meeting. The event was named 2016 Indonesia Logistics Outlook Briefing.
Food & Beverage
Protecting and Developing the Food and Beverage Industry in Indonesia
GAPMMI was established in April 1976 at a time when some food & beverages entrepreneurs, specifically alcoholic beverage importers & retailers, needed to be authorized by the government and only a few actually received permission to sell their products.
Market Review
Indonesia Moves to Open Up e-Commerce Sector to Foreign Investors
To boost e-commerce in the country, the Indonesian Government is in the process of drafting a roadmap to address six key areas, with one of them looking at opening up the sector to foreign investors.
PT. Bukit Baros Cempaka
European Quality Cheese Products, Made in Indonesia
PT. Bukit Baros Cempaka is committed to providing the best quality cheese products for its customers in the domestic market now and later the company will look to overseas markets for export opportunities.

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