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Since 1996, the Sailings Group, a totally independent media enterprise, has been devoted to providing one-stop advertising and publishing services for the Transportation, Logistics and Trading Market, through the following renowned brands or platforms, which are constantly being improved by our talented and experienced and media professionals from Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States and Canada. Our ever-improving achievement has been well recognised by many prominent organizations from all over the world. As always, your comments are welcome.

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Sailings is the official Indonesian trademark for the most essential biweekly transportation and logistics news and information source available. The publication is specially designed for exporters, importers, traders, manufacturers and other transport and logistics professionals in need of the most current and accurate information available.

Logistics Plus is the region's foremost logistics and supply chain resource. The publication is dedicated to the art, science and industry of moving products, services and information to the market. Published in Jakarta every 2 months, Logistics Plus educates and informs its target audience about the significance of logistics and supply chain management in three simple ways - through Dynamics, Innovation & Education. This magazine is designed especially for the region's logistics/supply chain/procurement decision makers, professionals and influencers. is the Internet vehicle designed to enhance communication between people in the industry and to highlight the value of the Sailings Group, Sailings magazine, Logistics Plus magazine, and Sailings Creative & Art to its valued partners and supporters in the hopes that all of us will be enlightened by new discoveries and innovations.

Sailings eNewsletter is updated every Tuesday and every Thursday. The essentials of the most important stories of the transportation and logistics industry drive online manufactures, exporters, importers, traders, business leaders and transport/logistics/supply chain professionals to subscribe to Sailings eNewsletter. Each eNewsletter is specially designed to provide Fast, Concise and Vital reading for qualified subscribers from every corner of the world, twice weekly.

ScheduleBlast the world's foremost sailing schedule email marketing vehicle, loaded with the most comprehensive, user-friendly and reliable sailing schedules of many carriers who provide CONTAINER / BREAKBULK / NVOCC services for all types of commodities and cargoes. All sailing schedules are provided directly and updated by the carriers themselves. Its recipients from many countries of the world will receive it weekly so that they can use any schedules and cargo enquiry services it provides. - a comprehensive and user-friendly online schedule platform for the transportation and logistics industry. aims to enable Shippers, Consignees and Logistics Professionals to get connected directly to many respective carriers and ship with ease - anytime, anywhere - through its simple web based tools like sailing schedules, booking and other enquiry services.

FindJobs - the region's quality human resource, especially for the transportation/logistics/supply chain/procurement markets.

Marketing Events - like seminars, exhibitions, trade fairs, road shows, conferences, workshops, working in collaboration with renowned industry specialists and worldwide partners from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, the Middle East, China, the U.S. & many other countries.

Sailings Creative & Art specializes in print ads, company brochures, promotional banners, posters, calendars, flyers, corporate diaries and web designs, complementing all Sailings Group businesses to deliver our corporate motto - A Vital Impetus To Creativity and Enthusiasm.

Sailings Publishing - it specializes in making Magazines, Company Brochures, Organisers, Notebooks, Diaries, Maps, Calendars or any kind of publications as per its customer's requirements. It is most renowned for its high standard, its high quality and its best value for money.

Integrated Logistics Intelligence Unit (ILIU) - a successful collaboration of Sailings magazine, Logistics Plus magazine, Sailings eNewsletter and their strategic partners all over the world, which aims to help its customers with valuable advice and assistance from industry experts who know how to improve logistics/supply chain management for organisations.


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